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About Proshanti

PROSHANTI, is one of the best  drug treatment and rehabilitation centre in Dhaka  division in the country of Bangladesh, It was established on 11.02.2006 is registered with Department of Social Welfare Ministry of Social welfare and Department of Narcotics control Ministry of Home affairs of Bangladesh.

PROSHANTI drug treatment and rehabilitation Centre has designed what we understand to be the most balanced, harmonious and particularly effective addictions and psychological disorders treatment program and that is presented in a safe, very private, restricted setting, to create an experience that is available no where else at any price, and one that is designed to gain a strong hold in sobriety, in recovery from alcohol addiction, recovery from all kinds of drug addiction, and recovery from other behavioral and process addictions, and to open ones heart, and to move our clients toward healing, toward forgiveness of others and themselves, toward reason and meaning in their lives and finally toward gratitude.

At PROSHANTI centre, we recognize that addictions are fully treatable and that addictions treatment is most effective when delivered through a combination of detoxification and bio-psycho-socio-spiritual holistic process, through an addictions treatment program that is formulated from beginning to end with solid evidence based addictions treatment methods, coupled with holistic enhancements, a very knowledgeable, highly qualified compassionate staff and time tested recovery supports.

We also offer an attractive in-house experience that helps our clients to feel safe and to seek their serenity as soon as they arrive to us, we also extend luxury accommodations, healthy and balanced cuisine, entertainment, garden, exercise instrument. It is very helpful to this end to spend time in a healing place like ours.

We always deliver our best fully to your success, our care and concern only for you and we exhibit it in our behavior. Our door is open and you need to choose the exact place. Please call us so that we may help or assist you through the admission process.

Why Us

We at PROSHANTI Treatment Centre are very confident of the value that we offer to our clients. We are able to offer an exceptional treatment experience, with an excellent staff, location and programs. As top rehab center in Dhaka a part of all of our programs, our clients receive one to one counseling sessions with members of our clinical staff whose varied expertise are best suited to help rehab treatment in Dhaka to attend to the root causes of our client’s addictions.

  • Information shows that outcomes improve with extended treatment stays. We understand this to be true. We have adjusted our fees to reflect this belief and to help our clients Receive drug treatment in Dhaka and overall Bangladesh with us for longer stays.

  • Our comprehensive stays in drug addiction treatment center dhaka are designed to stabilize and gain sobriety as are our most programs, but beyond that we, the trauma center Bangladesh help our clients understand and work through their reasons why, and to gain confidence and to release their fear of moving forward in their lives, sober and with purpose and meaning.

Establishment info

Date of Establishment: 11.02.2006

Registered /Affiliated with 17.11.2008 Narcotics.

Department of Narcotics Control, Ministry of Home Affairs 17.11.2008.



Our Goal & Aim

The creation of a healthy Bangladesh Society through the establishment of a drug abuse free community. The provision for treatment and Rehabilitation for drug addict, and the delivery of related education and prevention services, to the community as a whole.

Our Objectives

  • To provide drug addiction treatment center dhaka and drug addiction rehabilitation centre in Bangladesh and make it readily available and accessible for the drug addicts.

  • To disseminate information on drug addiction, treatment and mental hospital in Bangladesh, STI, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, C and other drug related harms through- Awareness program.

  • To provide basic education, skill training and other relevant knowledge for employment of the recovering drug users.

  • To provide aftercare and follow up services for the recovering drug users.

  • To advocate in the National Level to establish the legal rights of the drug addicts for   treatment services as mentioned in the Narcotics Control Act – 1990.

Catching Team

PROSHANTI has experienced and well-trained team unit to catch critical mental disorder patients. From the professional view, our eleven members of the catching team are well aware that sometimes drug addicted and critical behavior disorder patients become extremely violent and non-co-operative as you all guardians know.