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What We Provide

PROSHANTI You need to become free from your drug addiction, wish to change your life, want to be the person that you desired to be, you feel that it is the time to stop drinking, drugging, the compulsive & obsessive behavior, your nearest and dearest ones like to see that you are enjoying a sober life-at, we understand all your desires & we are here to support you most effectively to gain all of your interests and guide you towards a drug free pleasant life.

Drugs Rehabilitation

Therapeutic Communication

Supporting Machines

Food And Accommodation

Group & Family Counseling

Inspiring People

Our Specialities

  • 24/7 fully secured and surveillance security system

  • 24/7 stand by IPS for uninterrupted electricity supply

  • Strictly maintaining Higgins in both indoor and outdoor

Way To Your New Life

We are not a 12 step program and are not limited by this approach to primary treatment. Although we see great value in attendance of 12 step meetings and we attend, as a group, 6 mandatory meetings per week as part of your overall program,

we apply an individualized case management process for each client. This allows us to attend to our client’s individual needs from the perspective of an outstanding, holistically delivered treatment program. We create a treatment plan with goals while in treatment, specific to our individual clients. We offer one to one addictions counseling sessions, in conjunction with small group processing and many other proven therapies to attend to the individual needs of our clients.

We are small enough in numbers (maximum 10 clients) to ensure quality treatment, to allow for a perfect therapeutic community atmosphere to take place, yet large enough to employ an excellent multidisciplinary team of highly trained addictions experts.

PROSHANTI is located in calm and healthy residential area, we offer an exceptional place to breathe, decompress, learn, get in touch, relieve anxiety, and to promote and enjoy healthy lifestyle choices and activities.

Our skilled medical team (expert doctors-specialized in drug treatment), and educated, experienced, compassionate, and talented staff will help you to make you feel safe and secure, will support you closely in your treatment procedure. We are very good at what we do and as our current and past clients know, at the very core of who we are, that we as a staff, do what we do, for much more than simply operating a treatment center, an addictions rehab business, we see authentic value in offering of ourselves, that which we wish for others to find, in other words, being the change we wish to see. We hope that you will choose to join us, you need us and we need you.