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Managing Director Message

M. Khorshed Alam

PROSHANTI has successfully completed 12 years for giving reliable service in quality to drug addicts in Bangladesh. We started our work in a small boundary, but day by day it becomes vast. From every district in Bangladesh, so many patients are coming to take treatment facilities from our organization. It is possible because God always helps us to do and we have an honest determination to give the best quality services to our society. We are arranging different kinds of the program about rehabilitation for drug-addicted people. We are providing treatment to the male drug addicted people also we arrange separate treatment for children, especially street children. We adopt many drug addicts’ street children and give them proper treatment. Then we also have an educational program and self-growth program for this children and addicts patient. After taking our treatment patients going back to their normal life. But if they are unemployed then we think they go back to addiction life. So we are trying to our level best to employ them. We also provided after treatment of nursing by counseling and family counseling.

To Free Drug Addict from the society, we have a long-term thing and a lot of hard work is a result of our PROSHANTI   drug addict treatment and rehabilitation center, we start our journey from 11.02.2006. Then this organization got the license from Narcotics Control on 17.11.2008.

In this journey, we arranging a lot of programs to recover drug addict and try to send them a normal & healthy life from this organization a couple thousand people take treatment to recover drug addiction. From this entire people, 60% of them are successfully recovering from drug addict and that is possible almighty Allah help us to give them a beautiful and healthy life. PROSHANTI family lots of members now leave a normal life. PROSHANTI drug addicts treatment & rehabilitation center have also a responsibility to take care of recovering drug addicts patients. We have arranged counseling, Family counseling, with patients.

What Our Clients Say

When life becomes helpless, when you are not in the perfect rhythm of life, when there is some kind of craving, when you sense yourself alone, when you are surrounded by agony and frustration, when you cannot control your life, when life seems to be meaningless to you then you just need to realize that life is not supposed to be this way. You find yourself feeling regretful for what you have done, to your family, to others when you are drinking alcohol, when you are abusing drugs, when you are wasting your time, wasting your money or that of others. You feel trapped by your addiction. You combination see how you can be happy if you cannot drink, if you reformatory use, you know that you cannot be happy if you do. You know that you cannot go on like this. Even you are unable to help yourself to become free from all those difficulties… Treatment: Treatment is about living, living much better, much healthier than you do now. It is about getting your life back, about becoming the person that you can be and really are, stopping the drinking, drugging, compulsive and obsessive behaviors, that is the key to the door of your new life. You need to recover your elegant, appearance, decisiveness which you must deserve as a human being. If you can keep trust and rely on us, it is the right place for you.

Our Team

Meet Our Family Physician and the Psychologist

Dr.Aminul Ehsan

Physician Of Proshanti Drug Treatment & Rehabilition Center
M.B.B.S. M.Phil,

I am happy to write a few words for PROSHANTI,which has long been working for treatment and rehabilitation of substance misusers.I am glad to see success of this centre in proper management of the patients and follow-up.I wish and pray that this centre continious its affort for further improvement.

Dr.M.S.Kabir Jewel

Chief Advisor & Vice-Chairman of Proshanti Drug Treatment & Rehabilition Center
Arab Board Certified in Psychiatry
Saudi Board Eligible in Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Visiting Consultant,Dept. of Psychiatry
Al-Jouf Medical University,Saudi Arabia
Tele-Psychiatry Consultant & Guest Associate Professor
Asian Institue of Medicine Science & Technology(AIMST)

Proshanti means an intense peace with a relaxation for a prolonged period. if your family possess an addict, it will certainly fall you in a distressful conditions, we are committed to providing you the low-cost package programs of a Drug Dependent individual, we will try our level best to pick him/her from this black hole(Addiction),our methods of management is formed with the followings–

1)Detoxification by Medicines

2) Psychological treatment  by skilled Counselors & Behaviour analysts

3) SBT or Spiritualistic Behaviour Therapy to prevent further relapse

4) Social Rehabilitation according to the financial condition of the party

Dr.Sajia Afrin Zakia

Medical Consultant of
Proshanti Drug Treatment & Rehabilition Center
MBBS,(Dhaka) CCD(Birdem)
FCGP(Medicine),D-Asthma (ICDDR,B)

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream. My best wishes for Proshanti for future success.

With best Regards,